Memplex is a Bandcollective from Vienna/Austria.


Mario Rom: Trumpet
Werner Zangerle: Tenor Saxophone
Philipp Jagschitz: Piano/Wurlitzer
Walter Singer: Double Bass
Niki Dolp: Drums

Since their debut album “Souvenir” (2012) a lot happened in the careers of the five guys of Memplex. All of them can look back at a successful and exciting time as Musicians in the local and international Jazz-scene.

Perfect circumstances to reunite, gather all collected impressions and take it to the next level: Every single one of the five musicians contributed compositions to their album “Lawn of Love”. Songs that sound like title tracks or jingles of not (yet!) existing TV-Series – and on top of that all you can hear joyful and fervent improvisations
Instrumental (potential hit) Music!